What’s Nassawiy’ART ?

We, as Nassawiyat, do believe that artivism is one of many other good  tools to promote social justice and human rights for LGBTQI+ community in Morocco, and all over the world. Today, we are offer our website and social media for artivists as a platform  to express themselves and make their voice audible through art. 



Born in Rabat, Hygge is a queer artist designer who makes people wander with their visual creations.
Their characters are fluid, non binary, and they paint them with red, blue and yellow, telling a story, a poetry, a sense of lightness of being.
Passionate about art, their inspirations come from everywhere, with their sensitivity, they manage to… Read More


Based in Casablanca, Vanity is a queer make-up artist, they perform and does drag. Vanity has embraced their queer pride, freedom and identity. they play with makeup and colors to spread love and raise awareness for the queer community. For Vanity, everything is art, life, walking. and art can be touched as it can be felt. Art is abstract and abstract is art…. Read More


Based in Rabat, Ibti is a queer artist, passionate about photography and video making.
She moved to Rabat at the age of 20 in search of independence, and has completed several studies, including studies in audiovisuals… Read More

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