What is Artivism?

Artivism is a word composed of two words “ Art “ and “Activism. Artivism means using art tools by an artivist in order to make or promote a political and/or social change.

Artivism projects

Nassawiyat and Artivism- Nassawiy’ART :

We, as Nassawiyat, do believe that artivism is one of many other good  tools to promote social justice and human rights for LGBTQI+ community in Morocco, and all over the world.

Today, we are offering our website and social media for artivists as a platform  to express themselves and make their voice audible through art. If you want to take an action today, send us your participations (Literature, Photography, Visual artworks, Music, or others…)  via email:  and let’s make some social change together

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