LGBTQphobia in time of Corona

Written by Remok A.

As versioned and sighted by many, homosexuality has always existed in Morocco, whether inside closed doors or down the streets of the medina. For so long being homosexual is banned by the Moroccan penal code, article 489, criminalizing same-sex sexual activity. However, there is no law discriminating against sexual orientation.

Along the years to fall, many incidents have accrued within the Moroccan borderers, highlighting, in 2016 two girls were arrested in Marrakesh after one cousin took a photo of the girls kissing. Many attacks were recorded by lots of individuals claiming that they were attacked thereof seeking asylum abroad, not only by being afraid of the 489 article in the penal code by much more the terror brought along with the stigma panted within many Moroccans, taking action for themselves by attacking the LGBTG+ individuals. “EL PAIS” journal has published many stories regarding this matter and following up close the discrimination that is accruing over the years, from the Marrakesh cross-dresser to the testimonies of defeated gay men and women.

A collective has risen before the beginning of the new decade following the arrest of the Moroccan journalist “Hajar Raissouni”, accused of taking part in sexual intercourse outside marriage exerting and allegedly having an illegal abortion that is as well criminated by the Moroccan penal code. Thereof she was sentenced to one year in prison but later on granted a Royal pardon by the King Mohamed VI. The collective “outlaws” have for purpose to destigmatize the taboos around sexuality and the freedom of sexual orientation and other issues.

In this lockdown and in the time of the COVID19, people are thereof obliged to being in social destining. Many have taken the opportunity to stay connected with their fellows throughout social media, including celebrities, who for the most part, go live stream on the APP “instagram” to stay connected with their fans. “Naoufal moussa” @naoudalmoussa on Instagram, having over 500,000 followers on this APP, otherwise known as “sofia talouni” “talouni” referring to high heels in darija, took the opportunity to converse with her fans. Naoufal or Sofia is a transgender woman residing in Turkey, openly talks about her transition, sharing the most intimate part of her life. Neither while discussing how she came to have this luxurious lifestyle she holds, her words can’t be described as ethical nor fitting the range of discipline Instagram asks its users for. Cursing, shaming and looking down at people who she invites to her live streams, revealing their sexual orientation and sometimes sexually harassing some of them. Guiding her followers to report whatever accounts she asks them to, blocking or following whatever she says, making her followers, as soldiers in service for her orders.

On the night of Sunday, she reportedly revealed an application that gay men worldwide use for finding their dates and hookups in total secrecy “Grindr”. She invited women and straight men to go on downloading this application using fake accounts, asking innocent gay men for their personal pictures and later on revealing their identity to the grand public or using the information against them if some happen to be neighbors or family.

Thus neither an official government state nor an Instagram report has been published dealing with this unacceptable behavior and anything regarding this subject, noting that “Sofia” holds a certified account that needs to fits some norms that are far from being respected.   

The “Grindr” application, one of the applications she unrevealed, has quickly responded by alerting people of the danger that is happening in this time, alarming its users of the hate-action accruing due to an individual.

While this so-called “Sofia” is part of the LGBTQ+ community, she seeks for massive destruction and public shaming for these unfortunate people and given the situation at hand in morocco for the LGBTG+ community, one shall be in solidarity rather than in a state of destruction.

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